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Spiral Ltd. is the consulting company for Green Data Center



Spiral Ltd. Company Policy

We are the consulting company about:
1. Advanced Data Center technologies for energy efficiency
2. To support investors who intend to come in Japanese market
3. To support customers who intend to come out from Japan
4. Seminars about basic skill for the combination of Data Center and the latest ICT system
5. Advisory Contract for Data Center provider/DC related products provider
6. Manufacturig Rep. Limited

"" is specialized in consulting about data center planning, operations and management. Our company was founded in July 2017.
We especially have strength in green data center technology and consulting such as how to reduce CO2 and electricity cost. In parallel we have been making technical seminar, trend seminar for data center operators, planners and managers.
Another area of our business is to support investors who intend to come in Japanese DC market, and to support Japanese customers who need DC floor outside Japan.

Company Overview

 Company Name Limited
 Office  1-3-3 G1-Building 7th Floor, Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
 Establishment  14th July, 2017
 Capital  1 Million Yen
 Board of management CEO Hideaki FUJIMAKI
 Common stock  200 shares
 Major Bank  Mizuho Bank
Rakuten Bank
 Fiscal Year  June 1st to May 31st
 Net Sales  TBA on end of fiscal year
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Exective Director, Ltd.@@@Hideaki FUJIMAKI

  • Ltd. Executive Director
  • Japan Data Center Council: Steering Comittee
  • Japan Data Center Council: Chairman, Data Center Operation Guide Book working group
  • Guest Professor, Osaka University, Cyber Media Center(Until 2019.12.20)
    Next Generation Cloud Research Alliance Laboratories
  • DCPro Instructor: DataCenter Operational Professional course
  • DCPro Instructor: DataCenter Energy Professional course

Other activities
  • Chairman, Storage Networking Industry Assiciation Japan (until 2016.6)
  • Ministry of Environment Japan PoC project member in 2016-2018
  • Tokyo University sustainable campus project, Data Hall tech guidebook project member in 2016
  • Japan Data Center Council, Server Hall tech guidebook project member in 2017
  • Chairman, Geo Replication Open Innovation Consortium (Until 2019)

Profile of CEO, Hideaki Fujimaki

Hideaki Fujimaki has been working in the computer industry for over 35 years, starting as a Mainframe CPU engineer with Fujitsu in 1979. He later moved into Super Computer development division in Fujitsu, and had a role of director about PC server product planning with Fujitsu Siemens Computer in Germany in 1999-2005, then a general manager about server/storage product marketing in 2005-2009.
In 2010 he started new roles gData Center consultingh including server, storage, middleware and facility control for data center

In 2017, he retired Fujitsu Ltd. and established his own company ( ltd.)  His company is focusing advanced technologies for reducing energy in Data Center.

In parallel, he belonged to Osaka University Cyber Media Center as the Professor. His research areas were
  1. Geo Replication with cold storage
  2. AI controlled green data Center
  3. Liquid immersion cooling technology
  4. security interface method for Data Center facilities

Since 2016, he and his colleagues were starting the research about advanced Data Center technologies as a pilot project that was funded by Japanese Government (Ministry of the Environment). This project focus to gHow to reduce CO2 in Data Centerh.

Hideaki has been actively involved in JDCC (Japan Data Center Council) guideline working group, and GUTP (Green University of Tokyo Project) guideline working group. Because most of the members in JDCC are facility engineers and they are not so familiar with IT products, he is respected as a person who are familiar with both data Center facilities and IT products. He made a lot of presentations at JDCC research conference, CFD vendors private seminars and electric device conference, etc.

Price List

As for the standard Price List and details and customize
Please feel free to contact us.


Spiral Ltd.

1-3-3 G1 building 7th Floor, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan